Thursday, October 8, 2009

RTTI - Practical Examples

Well it took a lot longer than I wanted to get this code out.

There were many more rough edges than I wanted, but after some gentle and firm requests I realized I needed to get this out before the rough edges are finished.

Specifically the XmlSerial.pas has a road map in source code detailing what I still need to get done.

What is released:

  • IniPersist.pas Allows easy mapping of properties and fields to an INI File.

  • XmlSerial.pas Object and Record Serialization and De-serialization to XML

  • ObjDs.pas Read-only mapping of Objects to TClientDataSets.

  • RttiUtils.pas Things to help with common RTTI needs.

How to get the code:
Follow the above links to each unit, or just use SVN.

I am now working on some blog posts to show the how to use this code.

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