Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CodeRage sessions, ask your questions now.

I have been working on my sessions for CodeRage. I have four sessions this time. I would like to solicit "pre-session" questions on three of my sessions. It's your chance to shape the material that is presented.

Do you have any questions on the topics below?
If so let me know via either a comment to this blog post or an email rlove at peakbiz.com

  • Converting from BDE to DBX
    Learn how to convert your existing BDE applications to the DBX Architecture. We will cover the architectural and coding differences between BDE and DBX. We will then cover tools that freely available to assist you in this conversion.
    Note: This session is similar to the material I presented at DelphiLive and by Andreano Lanusse in Brazil, so if you attended one of these sessions and have feedback, I would be glad to hear it.

  • Building and Consuming Web Services in Delphi and Delphi Prism
    Walk step by step through the process to build and consume web services, with both Delphi Win32 and Prism.

  • Building Unit Tests with DUnit
    Get up to speed with unit testing in DUnit. No prior knowledge of Unit testing or DUnit is required.
    Note: If you have tried DUnit and did not understand it, I want to hear from you!

I need the questions by August 13th, as I need to record these sessions before I leave for a back-packing trip to the top of Mt. Whitney