Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy 16th Birthday - Delphi

Happy 16th Birthday - Delphi!

Thank you again, to all those involved with Delphi.

Last month I was able to go to San Francisco to talk as a Rad Studio customer to talk to Embarcadero sales team.    Where I was able to meet most of the executive team and hear some directions and plans.   From the small little bits I learned there I can insure you that the direction of Delphi is in good hands.    Some of this has been hinted at during Jim's Podcast's with Allen Bauer, episodes 44, and 45.

Last year I posted a  Happy Birthday Delphi message.    At the end of that message I asked for Delphi to find it's self back into the entry level market.     I please with the directions that have been taken.     The Delphi Starter Edition has been released with a price point that opens the entry level market again.   I have also learned that the academic pricing is available for the product that is 90% of the list of the original product.  For a student this means that the professional edition can be purchased for around $100 USD which is the same price as the starter edition, and for labs I think it can be even cheaper.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Windows 64Bit OS - Directory Layout

Short and sweet, as I had someone ask me about this today...

The \windows\system32\ directory on 64 bit version of  Windows does not contain 32 bit files it contains 64 bit files.    The 32 bit files are stored in \windows\SysWOW64

WOW stands for "Windows on Windows"

Go figure, the 32 bit files are in a directory with 64 in it, and the 64 bit files are in a directory with 32 in it.

According to the road map the next version of Delphi should be able to produce 64bit applications so it's important to know this detail.