Friday, January 7, 2011

Job Openings @ State of Utah

I work for the Department of Technology Services for the State of Utah.
I am assigned to work at the Department of Workforce Services.

We recently have opened up a few new State Employee based position, which is really a rare thing.

All Jobs at the State of Utah can be located here:
These are all Full-Time positions with work being performed in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Benefits are good, we work Monday-Thursday for ten hours a day, so you always have
a long weekend.   We have a good working environment.   We also have excellent Benefits
which include (not a complete list) medical, dental, and life insurance.  1.5% employer contribution into 401(k).   Annual, Sick and Holiday Leave.  Finally last but not least a Pension with 4 years to become vested.

On my team I have two openings for Delphi Developers.     We currently have 10 People on my team, we practice agile techniques development.

My team currently uses the following technologies.


  • Rad Studio XE Enterprise (under maintenance so we always have the latest version) 
    • Delphi Win32 2007, XE  (Primary Development Tool)
    • Delphi Prism XE    (Secondary Development Tool)
    • C++ Builder 2007 & XE (Limited)
  • Visual Studio C++ Express (Limited)
  • C# (Limited) typically using Sharp Develop


  • Oracle 10g (Project underway to move to 11g)
  • Sybase (Limited)

Tools (list not complete)

  • Subversion
  • Final Builder
  • Test Complete
  • Toad

Libraries (list not complete)

  • JCL 
  • Envision Imaging Library
  • TMS Components
  • Rave Reports 
  • Gnostice eDocEngine
  • Turbopower Abbrevia
  • Turbopower LockBox

Delphi Job details listed here:

On our web team we also have two openings for C# Developers details listed here:

We also have a Versta Developer opening which is a framework based on Java.

If someone wants to be considered for multiple positions they need to apply for each
as they are under different hiring managers.