Friday, September 23, 2011

See you at CodeRage

I have never seen so many Delphi Events as we are seeing right now.

There is definitely a buzz regarding the new Delphi XE2

DelphiLive in San Jose has completed and it was a great event.

Half the Delphi World Tour dates have past, with a several more to go.
In Utah the Delphi World Tour represented one of the largest  Delphi Event in Years.

Next Up is CodeRage  Oct 17-21, 2011.    It a FREE, virtual conference.     For those who are confused about the idea of a virtual conference.... think of of it as 50 back to back webinars in 5 Days.  

My team goes to training room with loads of junk food.    Where we discuss the sessions as they occur.      It really for good team building.

I will be sharing 4 sessions at CodeRage this year.
  • Learning Magic Tricks: The Beginners Guide to RTTI 
    • Learn what RTTI is and how to use it. This session is designed for those that have heard of RTTI, but don't know where to start.
  • Practical Magic: Why would I use Delphi RTTI? 
    • Attendees are shown several practical examples of how the RTTI in Delphi works.
  • Magic Unleashed: A Deep Dive into the Delphi RTTI 
    • In this session, we pull back the covers and explore the internals of how RTTI.pas and TypInfo.pas work inside of Delphi exposing all of the RTTI options you have to use in your applications.
  • Exploring the Delphi Debugger 
    • This session explores how to use the Delphi Debugger to find those difficult to find problems. We explore the little known features of the debugger that can make your life easier when real problems arise.
All of the RTTI sessions are back to back, allowing for Q/A after each.    With three sessions I will be able to provide more information than I have ever been able to do before.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

XE2 and Registration Headaches.

Today I hit the registration limit on XE2.

I installed it on the following machines.
  1. Laptop (Primary for DelphiLive Presentation)
  2. Laptop (Backup for DelphiLive Presentation)
  3. Desktop (Home)
  4. MacMini, Windows VM
  5. Desktop  (Work)
Registered in in that order.   I ran in to the registration Limit with #5.    I am the only person who uses these machines.

So I think no big deal, I will request a registration limit increase.    I requested the increase and walked away from my machine for meeting.     Thinking I can wait 14 days to register no big deal.

Then I did the following.

1. File|New VCL Application
2. Ctrl-F9

Then the following dialog appears.

I have never been a fan of activation, but I have not been against it... Until Now!
Now that I can see that the 14 day grace does not just cripple the application on start-up, it annoys the developer and reduces their productivity.

The good news is that support did respond and the activation limit has been increased.     But this is just a headache that paying customers should not have to deal with.