Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Virtual Delphi Users Group Meeting

I will be presenting at a Virtual Delphi Users Group Meeting Next Week.

Everyone is invited and it's free of charge.   It's not going to be a marketing show like a typical Webinar, it just plan free training on Delphi.

Date: Tuesday April 20, 2010
Time: 6:00 PM MDT (UTC - 6 hours)

   Delphi Tips & Tricks - Phil Gilmore
   Delphi Component Development - Robert Love

Pre-Registration is required:

I have more material on Component Development than time will allow, as such I will poll those attending the meeting to decide on the direction to take.

This will be the first of hopefully several, it really depends on participation levels, i.e. don't want to prepare and have nobody show up :-)


  1. Congranulations Robert. Good idea.

  2. Yeah great idea. Is it going to be some kind of replay (too late for me)?

  3. Don't know about a replay, need to find a place that can host the replays. I am going to try to record the session using both the built in method with goto meeting and with Camtasia.

  4. I wound up having to work late and missed the meeting. I sure hope it does work out to provide a replay.