Thursday, February 7, 2013

AnyDAC - worries with some real excitement.

When I read Marco Cantu's Post titled "Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC"  I began to worry.

Where I work we spent a great deal of time converting from the BDE to dbExpress.    Granted we did it faster than we thought it would take, it's not something I am ready to do again.    Having to switch from dbExpress to another Database Layer was really not going to be an option for us.    So I spent some time really reading the documentation on AnyDAC.

From what I have read this has turned from worry to exciting news, with a one thing that may need to be done.

First off let me address my worry about dbExpress.
What is lacking that would need to developed.  (Maybe already done since I have no code to look at yet, and I am just reading docs)
  • Ability to have a TSQLConnection use an existing TADConnection class or vice versa.
  • I basically think it would be great if AnyDAC existing connection could become an dbExpress Driver.
  • I know enough about the dbExpress framework to know this is something that would be very possible to do.   
  • In the long run this would also allow Embarcadero to only have to support one set of drivers and not one for dbExpress and one for AnyDAC.       
  • If Embarcadero does something stupid and don't do this and just stop maintaining dbExpress Drivers without providing a bridge then I would have to stop upgrading Delphi versions, but I really don't see that happening.    
This would allow existing dbExpress applications to start using AnyDAC without having to have two connections to the database.   

Then I started looking at the features of AnyDAC and found several that are really appealing.  
In addition I noticed that AnyDAC really has a good cross platform story.   Which might be a huge thing for the Mobile editions of Delphi.   Granted I think that connecting directly to a remote database via a mobile application is a security risk.

Overall I think this will be a good thing, depending on the decisions made by Embarcadero that have yet to be made.   

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  1. I hope that Embarcadero will market it as an add-on and not limit it to the latest version of Delphi only. I was considering buying Anydac but I don't want to port all my existing code to XE3.