Friday, April 18, 2014

XE6 - New Look and Feel

One of the first things long time Delphi Developers may notice about XE6 is that it has new look and feel.

One thing I have learned over the years is that when you change the user interface in any way you will get a divergent number of opinions.    My opinion of this change is simple:   I like it.

I have made two similar screenshots of XE5 and XE6, so you can compare the differences.


  1. Imho they should have changed for look of the forms in the form designer aswell (at least the VCL one but I don't like the ugly black bordered FMX ones either) - they still look like on Windows 7.
    When I run Delphi on Windows 8 I would like the forms in the designer look like forms on Windows 8 do and not as they do on Windows 7.

  2. Can't really see how it's changed other than a new icon set (albeit an exceptional one which I also use):

  3. I like the new design. Excellent to a certain degree on Win 8. You can disable the package that does new look and feel if you prefer to stay on Windows versions prior to 8.

    Stefan. Same discussion at time the Windows windows decoration does change especially when color or none colors start to dominate or the size of the title bar changes XP:). The moment one does use a different design ... all IDE's stat to weaken concerning this specific point. The FMX designer is somehow spartan.:) It's think while it tries to stay 'neutral' it starts to dominate the overall impression. But maybe designers know better. Lazarus indeed does adjust the designer window to the current Windows theme, the decoration at least. The VCL designer is pretty neutral. I know just a few people except of me that use various desktop themes. MS does offer many themes and backgrounds.

    Windows 7 SVP 1 is very good.

  4. Robert, Could you please post About screen or full version IDE number?

    1. I can see it in the bug report