Thursday, September 4, 2014

Product/Component Vendors and XE7 Support

Here are the most prominent 3rd Party components(That don't ship in the Rad Studio/Delphi products) that we use.   We may or may not use these in the application we will be rewriting in Delphi XE7 as we have make lots of decisions first such as VCL or Firemonkey.

2 Days after XE7 was released and some people are are on top of there game.

The following already support XE7

Patiently waiting on Support for XE7 

I really like what TMS did for upgrading to XE6 and now they have done the same for XE7.


  1. Hi
    Why have you crossed out the word Firemonkey? It was not replaced by FireUI, Firemonkey is still the cross platform framework... FireUI is related to the new tools for designing the user interface for multi-device

    1. Fixed. After the presentation today with no mention of FireMonkey and only FireUI I thought they had renamed it.

  2. Our Open Source mORMot ORM and SOA framework supports XE7.
    Even on mobile platforms.
    No breaking change between XE6 and its sucessor!

  3. DDDebug, the memory profiler, also supports Delphi XE7.
    It's a Beta of the first 1.0 release. The final release will be available within a week.