Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CodeRageX - Security Session Files

For those that were able to attend my CodeRage X session.   I had a few files I wanted to share.

I intend to update them, so they may be better than the one shown in the presentation.    However, they are in  GIT so you can see the history if you want.   When recordings are posted I will link to them here.

Windows command script that allows you to generated self signed keys using OpenSSL.
I intend to add a few other scripts and resolve some of the hard coding in the config files.

I also created a single project that demonstrates how to setup SSL/TLS with Indy and OpenSSL.
That is also stored in a separate GIT Repository.   I wanted to flush out the examples some more.

The repository contains C++ and Object Pascal examples, even though the video was just in Object Pascal.

Although it may take me a couple of weeks to do updates, due to a vacation that will keep me offline.   I will update both the repository and this post when that occurs.

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