Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CodeRage Sessions

Although, I just posted a fairly big teaser of my RTTI session, I neglected the other sessions I will be covering at CodeRage.

  • Building and Consuming Web Services in Delphi and Delphi Prism

  • This is a introduction to the topic, if you have done web services you won't learn anything new :-)
  • Building Unit Tests with DUnit

  • This is a introduction to the topic, I will be covering the XML test runner and other features that not visible on the surface. So it may be useful even if you use basic DUnit Tests.
  • Converting from BDE to DBX

  • This is a refined version of my DelphiLive material. This has been my most popular session I have ever given, I have recieved more feedback on this than any other. It does not hurt that Andreano Lanusse repeated parts of the session on his various stops in Brazil I will be showing the DBX framework and some code/dfm parsers that do much of the work to convert a BDE application to DBX. I will also show a BDE to DBX datapump.
  • Practical Application of RTTI and Attributes

  • I have never been more exicited about a feature in Delphi. After seeing this session and the associated blog posts, I hope you realize what I am talking about :-)

I hope to be able to chat with many of you next week at CodeRage.

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