Monday, August 23, 2010

DelphiLive - I am here!

I am now at DelphiLive,  I ran into the guys at RemObjects.   Today waiting for the conference to get underway we took a little trip to Cupertino to visit Apple and had lunch.   Marc nearly sold me on an iPad his with 3G support was used quite a bit as we navigated the streets.     One of the things we talked about was RemObjects TV, which really looks good.  BTW I found out that some of the VDUG videos don't work on iPad and that Jim re-encodes the Camtasia results to make it work on iPad.   They guys at RemObjects are all carrying Flip Ultra HD Video Cameras, and I suspect we will get all sorts of good material from it.    I am carrying a Kodak Zi8 and Digtal Rebel T1i so I have a couple of options to gather and share what is going on here.

Looking forward to the keynote tomorrow!

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