Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rad Studio XE - DelphiLive

At DelphiLive last week it was fairly obvious that Embarcadero was close to shipping RAD Studio.   When there I took a few photos, and Jim wanted to play with the Camera so he took more :-)   I have recordings of the keynote session that I will be posting in the next day or two on the VDUG site.

Well RAD Studio XE was released yesterday, and I am really impressed as SA/Maint Customer I received the keys and the download the same day.    I was able to get the full product installed today.   In past releases I have had to wait a few weeks to get the product, so this is very welcome change.

I had an Windows XP Machine and I bit shocked by the menu bloat, and I did not even install InterBase or Installaware.    But it does highlight some of the new editions the the RAD Studio Line.   For Delphi and C++ Developers they get to look forward to Automated QA, and CodeSite.        For Delphi, C++ Builder, and Delphi Prism developers  they get Subversion Integration, FinalBuilder.   Rave Reports is still the product, since we depend on it I am happy as it appears that Nevrona is all but a dead company.      Delphi Prism now integrates into both Visual Studio 2010 but also MonoDevelop.   There is even an install for Delphi Prism to install with  MonoDevelop on a MAC.    To round out the Menu RadPHP (Formerly Delphi for PHP) is now included in the RAD Studio XE  product line.

There are a few other new items bundled with RAD Studio XE that don't create menu items (Thank you for not doing that!)
And I would not be surprised if I missed something else that is bundled.       Of course my next questions and potential blog posts are what is under the covers.


  1. I wonder that there is a rave 9.0BE folder in your start menu. Could you say a word about it? Are there any changes between Rave 8 and 9?
    I wouldn't have guessed that Rave is still shipped with Delphi ...
    Thx in advance, Klaus

  2. Since I have purchased Rave 8 Source Code from Nevrona I sent a support request to see if I could get the full Rave 8/9 version for XE. With that I can do a comparison of the code to see what changes have been done.

  3. Quick test of Rave 9:

    Goto the "Help" menu, and select:
    - "Contents" : AV at address 00000000!
    - "Designer" : AV at address 00000000!
    - "Upgrade!" : Dead link !
    - "Tips and Tricks" : Dead link !
    - "Technical support" : Dead link !
    - "Rave addons" : Dead link !
    - "Check for updates" : Nothing happens...
    - "About" : Wow, it works...

    - Loading a very simple Rave 8 project with a simple script. Still AV when running...

    I'm not very impressed, but I like your optimism ;-)

    Good luck! I think you'll need it...

  4. @Angelveit: what a pity! And thanks for trying!

    @Robert: let us please know if you get further informations.

    I can't understand how EMB can ship a (3rd party) product in such a raw state. Sorry for having to say this.

  5. Rave 9 looks like the old Rave 7, nothing changed on a quick view of my DelphiXE-version. Haven't any information from Nevrona Designs what is new or only a compatibility-update.