Friday, May 15, 2009

Delphi Live RTTI Session

For those that attended my session, and any others who may ask.

The source code and the 3 slides from my RTTI session are on my SVN Repository.


  1. Thanks for sharing your source and slides.

    Link error on your SVN repo link: you've inserted a v in front of the http://. Might I also suggest using a service like for sharing slides?

  2. The link to the source code does not work

  3. Hey people, just remove the "v" from vhttp:// in the svn source code link.

  4. Rob, I'm opening the slides file with PowerPoint 2003, I can open it, but only seems to have 3 slides. Can you upload a ppt version?

  5. Thanks everyone I have updated the link.

    There really are only 3 slides. At DelphiLive this was primarily a code discussion. I might do it again for another conference (CodeRage maybe), but with the new RTTI in weaver I might try to do something different in a future session.