Thursday, May 14, 2009

DelphiLive - Where is Delphi Going?

Here is the disclaimer I have done my best to get my notes correct, but I may have missed something, slides go by sometimes too fast for those transcribed what is seen and heard.

Here are some of my raw notes from the first two sessions:

Four Delphi Projects going on at the same time.

  • Project Weaver
    • Main Themes
      • User Experience
      • Enhance Connectivity
      • Documentation
    • IDE usability
    • Team Productivity
    • Touch
    • IDE – Insight (easy Keyboard access to almost everything)
    • Improvements to DataSnap
    • Firebird Support
    • .NET AOP
    • SCM Support
    • Enhanced RTTI Support
    • Attribute Support
    • Seamless .NET <> Native communication
    • Windows 7 APIs and Direct 2D
    • Full Support of SOAP 1.2 Clients
  • Project X
    • Cross-platform Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
    • Cross-platform component library
    • DataSnap on all platforms
  • Project Chromium, Quality, Quality
    • Quality, Quality, Quality
    • Pascal Code Formatter
    • Documentation of the OTA
    • New Data binding model allowing binding to almost any property on a control
    • More integration with the database tools.
  • Project Commodore
    • 64 Bit native
    • Full compiler, RTL and VCL support for 64 native
    • Multi-Core. Multi-threaded applications.

Sure it's not much more than a bullet point list... But several of the items are very intresting. The order is not defined... Other than Weaver is expected next.

I am sure more details will be coming from the Labs sessions.

We did see a really cool Touch Demo!


  1. Great news.
    I hope the implementation of all this in 2-3 years MAX.

    Live long and prosper.

  2. They basically said...
    Nothing was set in stone. These are current plans and they may change. Time frames where avoided, but one comment was made in Q & A... They did not see anything on this list taking longer than 2011. So 2-3 years may be practical since time frames were really avoided, I would not plan on anything right now.

  3. IMHO too late for Project X, and BTW they are promising it for years! Seems like is just a move to try to stop the force of lazarus/fpc. Offcourse a stupid move, becase they promise something in 2-3 years and lazarus already have it...

  4. I started using latest lazarus and to me, is not reliable. Too much access violations on stupid things.

  5. Really good job, Robert. I wish I could have made it down for this.

  6. I'm so happy to hear about "Project X" - I've been waiting soooo long! Looking forward to compiling my apps for the mac and linux!

  7. good job... i was one of the few that bought Kylix but it wasn't a good story

  8. *sigh* windows. I'm gonna do VS2010 for that. No, hand me an andoid/iphone delphi tool and give me a reason to go back to my roots. please!