Friday, May 8, 2009

Finalizing DelphiLive Material

Well today I am putting the finishing touches on my DelphiLive presentations.

I will be presenting:
  • Power of the RTTI In Delphi
  • Moving from BDE to DBX

I have this love hate relationship with PowerPoint, sometimes I find its the best way to communication information. However as soon as things get technical I really dislike seeing a bunch of code on slides.

In My Power of the RTTI in Delphi Session I currently I have grand total of 3 Slides for this presentation the rest is code.

I will be covering:

  • Interacting with Published Information
  • Dynamic Method Invocation
  • Dynamic Class Creation
  • Ideas on how you might use it your applications.

In My BDE to DBX Session, I have several slides, but don't worry I have plenty of code and examples to show.

One of the things I like the best about this presentation won't come till near the end, but at the State of Utah we wrote a simple DFM parser and combined it with Martin Waldenburg Delphi Parser (TmwPasLex) and wrote a simple but effective conversion utility. It saved us tons of time when converting a BDE Application to DBX. The application we converted was not a simple demo program, It has 650+ DFMs. And several more units 500+ with no associated dfm. That does not count any third party code, or our own internally developed components.

I have updated the conversion utility to be slightly more generic as the original was specific to our needs. I will share that code with the attendees.

I hope to see you there!


  1. is there any chance this presentation (Power of the RTTI In Delphi) to be available after DelphiLive for ppl which can`t attend ?

  2. Since that presentation is only 3 slides sharing it won't be of much value without the discussion.

    However, I will most likely post everything some place. I would not expect it until after the conference is over.